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Eugene Mueller G.M.
208 S. Judgement
Shullsburg, WI 53586
Ph: 563.542.2134

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Energy Wise Mfg. Double Glazed Interior Storm Benefits

Significantly reduces heating bills

Keeps warm air in and stops drafts, some noise reduction

Much less expensive than replacement windows

Lightweight and durable frames made with powder coated, painted aluminum

Reusable year after year

Easy to install and remove without the use of tools or fasteners

We manufacture double glazed interior windows at our facilities in S.W. Wisconsin. These interior storm windows are constructed using an attractive aluminum frame which is powder coated and painted (3 color options) and this material is 15/16" X 3/8" roll formed .032 aluminum. We use steel corners, not plastic, and these corners are invisible to you as we miter the frames. The glazing film is a very special film which is 4.3 Mil. thick, double polished crystal clear, UV stabilized, -33 degree and distortion free. Around the entire outer perimeter of the frame we attach a high quality foam weather stripping which will collapse when you install your interior storm window, as it collapses it forms a perfect air seal and also holds the window securely in place even if it is an overhead skylight. We have designed these to last you for decades and thanks to the double glazing your existing windows will immediately become near Energy Star efficient. The double glazing is the secret to the energy efficiency, you are creating two new dead air pockets with our windows, one from your window to the the interior storm window and then the window itself has a 3/8" dead air space built into it between the two layers of glazing film. These two dead air spaces are super insulators and in the world of energy efficiency when it comes to windows one layer of glazing only stops a draft....... two layers of film will insulate, inhibit condensation, stop drafts, cold areas in rooms near windows and address heat loss or gain.  We can build almost every size and shape. Please have approximate window size and quantity before you contact us for wholesale pricing.

MORE Reasons to Choose Our Double Glazed Windows...
  • Our DOUBLE glazing with a 3/8" dead air space is the key to true thermal efficiency

  • Slashes heating and cooling costs

  • Eliminates or greatly reduces condensation

  • Drafts and cold spots in your rooms are gone

  • Reduces outside noises

  • Much less infiltration of dust and dirt

  • Immediately brings your existing windows to near Energy Star levels

  • Most sizes are readily available

  • Out of square windows are not a problem

  • Reusable for many years due to our impressive crystal clear durable glazing film

  • Installs and removes in minutes without the need of tools or fasteners

  • Several frame color options